Naming Water

Naming Water

by Lois Klein

“…to come out of the prison of silence,
where no tone of love, no song of bird,
no strain of music ever pierces the stillness…”
– Helen Keller

This scene always made me weep,
waiting as I was for my own miracle,
for someone who would release me
form a different sort of silence,
for someone to touch my face
and teach me —

a teacher unafraid of wildness,
otherwordly grunts,
unnerving cries, who every day
dipped my hand in water
and made the word for water
next to it on my skin, who held
unwilling fingers to her throat
to feel the word ripple
across vocal cords rising and falling.
And then one day, after the long
journey to trust, realizing
that touch was the word for water,
that water could be named
between two people, could be
asked for and received.

(From A Soldier’s Daughter: Poems by Lois Brown Klein)

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  1. beautiful. love this one.

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